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Children over 1 year old count. e.g: 1. Karen Smith, 31 2. Tony Jones, 45 3. Isabel Turner, 2 etc.



Our policies for your special event or wedding are exactly the same as our policies for a ‘regular’ stay.

If your event doesn’t fit within these, we’re sorry, but we cannot make exceptions. We are happy to give recommendations on great local venues for your event.

  • No noise after 10pm. This is a Whistler by-law. No sound systems or DJ equipment to be brought to the house – there is a bluetooth speaker system in the living area.

  • No shoes worn inside the house. This includes everyone, even the bride.

  • No moving furniture or attaching decorations to the house. If you need to have items moved or set-up, it must be arranged in advance. We will organize our team to be available to you for a couple of hours for set up and take down. Additional fees apply.

  • No smoking anywhere on the property.

  • No on-street parking. A maximum of 9 vehicles (Alta Lake Chalet & Edelweiss Chalet) or 2 vehicles (Nighthawk Lane) in the driveway.


  • Maximum 24 guests (Alta Lake Chalet & Edelweiss Chalet) or 13 guests (Nighthawk Lane) allowed to stay overnight on the property (children count).

  • You may have up to a total of 30 people (Alta Lake Chalet & Edelweiss Chalet) or 18 people (Nighthawk Lane) for an event, however these additional guests are subject to a $100 per person fee.

  • Any additional guests above the 24 person (Alta Lake Chalet & Edelweiss Chalet) or 13 person (Nighthawk Lane) limit must have left by 10pm - no exceptions.

  • Car parking restrictions still apply - a maximum of 9 vehicles (Alta Lake Chalet & Edelweiss Chalet) or 2 vehicles (Nighthawk Lane) in the driveway.

  • If you decide to have additional guests on the property, we ask for a double refundable damage deposit.


If you would like to have people working at the house during your event (e.g. a chef & servers) they count as additional guests towards your 30 person limit, unless they are an approved vendor with us.

For insurance purposes, we have a list of approved vendors allowed on-site, including chefs, photographers and housekeepers. If you want to have anyone working on the property at any time you must have them fill out our vendor request form - email us for further details.

This is a simplified version of some of the most relevant points on our rental contract - if you’d like to see the full version, please ask!